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Welcome to Oxford Bank & Trust. We’re a community bank that is all about Making Your Financial Life Better.

That may be the kind of thing you expected us to say about our bank. Fair enough. We’re confident we can show that statement to be true.

We believe customers’ financial lives are made better when they place their trust in a bank that has an extended history of safety and soundness. Oxford Bank’s lineage dates to 1902.

Since the purchase of the bank by the Colis Family in 1987, Oxford Bank has grown by simultaneously emphasizing…

High quality customer service that most banks used to offer but few still do…

Our highly specialized commercial lending expertise which helps improve the lives of our business customers and communities…


The best in new technologies to help our customers maximize access to their accounts.

We invite you to roam our website. You’ll see and hear from our customers what we’ve been trying to say here – Oxford Bank & Trust is all about making financial lives better.

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