“I’ve never seen a bank like this before.  It’s so pretty in here.  I would not have known it’s a bank.” – Westmont customer

“WOW!  Look at this great customer service.  This is awesome!” – Happy in Naperville

"This is the best bank in the whole world!" – Making a customer’s life better in Addison

"This is such a GREAT service bank!" – Loyal Plainfield client

“You are the best bank ever! Where else can you go and get great service and then a card in the mail just to say thanks?” – Appreciative in Westmont

“The customer service here is awesome!” – Pleased in Plainfield

“I’m so excited to be banking with you for eight years now!  I only wished I had switched sooner.” – Happy in Addison

"Thank you for the great service.  Your branch has the friendliest people working." – Loyal fan in Westmont

"I've never had anything less than EXCELLENT service here." – Long-time Addison customer 

“I see such beautiful smiles today.  WOW!” – A smiling Westmont customer

“I am CRAZY about Oxford.  I tell everyone I can about you guys!” – Spreading the word in Naperville

The coffee is always on…
(and hot chocolate and water bottles)


“This hot chocolate is perfect on a day like today!” – Naperville customer

"We are nice and warm with your coffee!  Thanks again for the free coffee!" – Customer in Plainfield

“You’re the nicest of all banks that I deal with!  Your friendliness and coffee are the best!  Stay as nice as you are!” – From an Addison customer

"I've had a lot of cafe mochas, but I have to say yours is the best I've had!" – A coffee aficionado in Naperville

“Thank you so much for supplying the best coffee in town.  It is the best!” – Westmont client

“I come in here, smell the coffee, see the cooking shows on the TV - I hold you all responsible for no sleep and weight gain!” – Addison loyal customer

“I would drive 10 miles to get your hot chocolate and that is not because it’s free, it’s because it’s that good!” – Hot-chocolate-aholic in Plainfield

"I have to go get my hot cocoa to keep warm!" – A comforted Addison customer

Judith Manganiello
Oxford Bank Raving Maniac Fan


“It’s true, there’s something about your employees.  All of them.  One of your employees was ill, but now she’s back.  I was concerned for her.  I was glad she was able to come back.

“Your attention to people is not just for show.  It’s real.  They greet me with, ‘Hey there girlfriend!’  They always say, ‘Take a bottle of water!’  It’s not just for show.”

Imagine -
A bank that hosts numerous events…


“You know a few weeks ago my wife and I just stopped in to do our banking and we got lunch, too!  You had free pizza. Now who else can say they went to their bank for lunch, too!” – Hungry in Westmont

“WOW!  You guys really do a lot of fun stuff.” – Having fun in Addison

"That was the BEST Santa Day ever!  The kids had such a great time and it was fun to stay and hang out!" – Having holiday fun in Naperville

"My grandkids love to come in with me, they always get the Oxford dollars just for coming in with me." – Grandma knows best

“WOW!  Mommy, this is a cool bank!” – A satisfied younger customer

“You all do a great job with all your events!” – Addison customer

"Oxford always comes up with something fun for the kids!  The circus is a great idea!" – Having fun in Addison

“I was in the United States around Halloween and my kids enjoyed the Spooktacular.” – Grateful world traveler

"Thanks for the roses, that is really sweet of you guys." – Valentine’s Day in Naperville

“Thanks for the popcorn and balloons!” – Having fun in Westmont

Grab your calendar, here’s our upcoming events

Oxford is fido friendly -
Your dog is part of your family – and ours…


"Thanks for letting my dogs in the bank.  I was afraid they would be too cold in the car.  Now I like your bank even more!" – Thankful in Naperville

“I didn't know the dogs could come inside!  WOW! You even have dog biscuits!  That's amazing!” – Westmont dog owner

“WOW!  This bank gives dog biscuits?  I will bring the other dog, too, next time.” – Naperville canine lover

“Is this the bank that accepts dogs?  It is so cool!” – Addison customer

“Hi, this is Ellie, the Raving Experience Dog!” – Promotion-minded Naperville customer

“My dog gets so excited when I tell him we are going to the bank!” – Well-trained in Addison  

“A dog-friendly bank, now I really like that!” – Westmont customer

“My dog is getting his bath today. You know, whenever we turn the corner to the bank he jumps up and down, wagging his tail because he knows it’s ‘Oxford Bank time.’ He loves coming in to see all of you.” – From the drive-through in Addison 

“Our dog has been spoiled by you!  Any time we go through a fast food drive- through he becomes depressed because he thinks it’s the bank and he should get a treat.” – Spoiled in Addison

“We took our dog into another bank because it was too hot to leave him in the car and we were told he didn’t belong in the bank.  We said we take him into Oxford Bank, he’s always welcome there.” – Appreciative in Plainfield

Set yourself free - 
Free checking that is really free…


"I didn't realize Oxford Bank still gives gifts away for opening accounts!  That’s great!” – Plainfield customer

“Your free checking is really free!  No minimum monthly balance and no direct deposit, really!” – A new Oxford customer in Addison

"I told my sister to open an account here, since the services here are awesome!  I am glad she listened to me!" – Satisfied in Naperville

“I have banked here since 1966 when I moved to Addison.  I opened my first checking account here and I never left!  I love this place!” – Longtime Raving Maniac Fan

“I just love this bank, one stop shopping!   Pay your taxes, pay your water bill, cash your check, watch TV, get a coffee, you name it, Oxford’s got it!” – Plainfield customer

“Look at this text on my phone!  My friend came here and sent this ‘let’s see about this free checking @ Oxford.’  Well - then this one came ‘Free Checking, Free Debit Card, Free Coffee, Free Water…Everything is Free at Oxford!’” – Customer spreading the word about Oxford

"Thank you so much that you called me to let me know that my account was overdrawn.  I love you!" – Westmont client with a sigh of relief

“I have to move that last account over here!  My other bank is so bad I just can’t take going in there anymore!” – Making a financial life better in Naperville

"I've heard nothing but good things about you guys, so I’m here to open an account!" – Happy new Plainfield client

“You gotta be kidding me - a bank that still offers Free Checking?”

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