Overdraft Privilege (ODP) is already part of your personal checking account with us. We will consider, without obligation on our part, payment of your reasonable overdrafts arising from automatic bill payments, checks and other transactions made using your checking account up to your assigned ODP limit of $700.00.  We will not authorize and pay overdrafts from ATM and everyday debit card transactions using your checking account unless you ask us to.  If you do not overdraw your account, Overdraft Privilege costs you NOTHING.  You may choose at any time not to participate in ODP by calling us at (630) 629-5000.

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Managing Your Account

  • Enter all transactions in your check register. (Don't forget to track your debit card transactions.) 
  • Review your account statement and reconcile your account each month. 
  • Check your account balance frequently with Mobile Banking.
  • Speak to an employee at your local Oxford Bank Branch.
  • Sign up for Online Banking and set low balance alerts. 
  • Sign up for direct deposit. 

Other Alternatives 

  • Sign up for automatic transfers from a linked Oxford Bank account to cover overdrafts. (There is a $10 fee assessed per transfer and that the number of withdrawals allowed per month on the linked account may be limited.  A minimum balance charge may be incurred on the linked account if the transfer brings the balance below the minimum balance requirement.) 
  • You can instruct us not to authorize any ATM or one-time debit card transaction that would overdraw your personal checking account.  
  • You can instruct us not to pay any overdraft on your personal checking account, regardless of the type of transaction. 

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